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Luggage transfer

If you will do a self guided bike tour (self made) you could need a baggage transfer so you can ride light and will find your bags directly in your accomodation. Price depends on the distances, we move the luggage in the morning from h 9.00 to h 14.00 and in case you need more time tell us.

This services is good for people that want to do hiking or trekking also.

You must inform us about your number and dimensions of bags and we need also your accomodation's list with exact address of place and contact. 

To move the luggage we use a private vehicle. We can delivery also bicycles, in this case you must inform us before, the price it could be change.

Using google maps you can calculate by yourself the estimate.


Starting from Bari until 50 km = 50 Euro

+1 eu/km until 100 km, after this value the price is the same 100 Euro.

We consider nr 1 delivery for total bags, maximum nr 12 bags medium size (if big please inform us).

In case you need a delivery for people's group please contact us.

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