Terms and conditions for bicycle rental


This section provides a set of rules that must be followed by users who intend to rent bicycle, bikes and electrical bicycles owned by PUGLIA IN MOVIMENTO S.r.l. 

With the signing of the rental agreement the client declares to have completely acknowledged and accepted the terms and conditions for the rental.

1) Rental Conditions

- The rental is allowed only for 18 years-old clients, i.e. adult people. Younger people must be necessarily accompanied by an adult who will take them upon his responsibility.

- At the moment of the rental/tour a valid document must be showed to the renter (identity card or passport), which will be held until the end of rental period and then given back at the moment of bike restitution.

- As preventive measure, the details of client's credit card will be requested at the moment of rent. In case of damage, loss or theft of the hired bicycle and the related accessories, the rental firm will be authorized to charge all the relative costs on the credit card.

- At the moment of rent is required a security deposit of EUR 100,00 (one hundred/00) for each bike rented (zero euro for Tour operator). In case of theft or significant damage, the client must to integrate the paid deposit with other:

700.00 EU per hybrid bycicle (800.00 Euro total except the parts rented with the bikes)

1100.00 EU per basic e-bike (1200.00 Euro total except the parts rented with the bikes)

2500.00 EU per Bosch motor e-bike (2600.00 Euro total except the parts rented with the bikes)

1100.00 EU per road bike Aluminium (1200.00 Euro total except the parts rented with the bikes)

1500.00 EU per road bike Carbon (1600.00 Euro total except the parts rented with the bikes).

The rental price is not intended as an advance payment of the additional amount claimed. For each rental must be a valid document and a security deposit, in the case of a group, one person may pay the security deposit for all participants and give a single identity document, bearing in mind that the same person will be responsible for the rent of all vehicles and accessories.

- Security deposit will be given back upon return of the bicycles, after verification by a representative from the rental company of the state of bicycles and accessories delivered.

- The times to pick up or deliver the bike must always be agreed by e-mail or phone, there is no guarantee the service without notice. Upon booking, you can also pick up / deliver the bike in a different place from the locations indicated. Pick up or delivery in Bari (anywhere in the city) does not include additional costs, but instead we calculate € 20,00 max n. 4 bikes to take or deliver up to 15Km away from the station of Bari (reference: google maps) and € 1,00 for every additional km.

- The return of the bikes and the accessories must be made within the time frame specified. The extension of the rental period will be possible only with the consent of the rental company, any delays will be subject to a surcharge equal to the minimum cost of a day's rental.

- Payment can be by bank transfer, paypal, cash.

- After confirmation of rental companies about the availability and only after the reply to our questions for booking (name, surname, residential address, phone number included international number, nationality, email, accomodation list in Puglia), the payment shall be made to the following:

  • Down payment of 50% of the total amount must be made at time of booking. Once the rental firm records the payment reservation is considered valid and confirmed, so it is recommended to pay attention to the value date.
  • Full payment must be made at the time of taking the bikes and in any case before the rental period indicated. In case of withdrawals of bikes in other locations the full payment must be provided within 5 working days before the rental starting date.

- The cancellation of the reservation is accepted within 15 working days before the established starting date, not later (not valid if the bikes come from a Puglia in movimento's partner, in this case the customer has not right for the return of the payment). In case the full payment is left undone or, in case the order cancellation is transmitted in delay (or undone), the termination clause concerning the rental contract will be applied and consequently a penalty of the 100% will be charged on client account. In any case, order cancellations lead to the payment of an administration fee of € 10.00 (ten/00).

- The terms and conditions mentioned above are also valid for Pick up or Deliver services out elsewhere.

2) Liability
- At the moment of delivery, a check up of bikes will be made in order to guarantee their perfect functionality. By accepting the delivery, the client recognizes that the bicycle is mechanically efficient and declares that it has been previously controlled. The same conditions are valid also in case of rental of accessories, where it must be declared that they are being taken in perfect conditions and suitable for the agreed use.

- The bikes are to be used only as a means of transport and to be handled with caution, common sense and diligence. Ride competitions, reckless manoeuvres and play performances of any kind are forbidden. Users must use bikes and accessories without damaging themselves, other persons, other vehicles and relative accessories.

- The use of bicycles to do users' own businesses is forbidden, they cannot be given to others.

- Rented bicycles should never be left unattended, they should be always locked.

- Clients are obliged to follow local road traffic regulations. The rental company PUGLIA IN MOVIMENTO srl declines any responsibility in case of infraction of such regulations.

- Any fact, damage or injury resulting from use of the vehicle is only under the driver's responsibility. Users are therefore responsible for every damage caused during the ride: damage to himself, to others, to other property and to the bicycle. In this case the rental company PUGLIA IN MOVIMENTO srl cannot be charged of any damage compensation.

- In case of theft or irreparable damage of bicycles, users must totally refund the rental firm, as already mentioned above. Bicycles which are not returned back, unless the fact is justifiable for exceptional circumstances, will be considered as theft and therefore reported to the judicial authorities.

- In case of theft or big damage of the bicycle or accessories, customers will pay as soon as possible or maximum within 7 days (seven) the amount as written at the point nr. 1 of this document.

- In case the vehicle does not correctly work, even if a check up has been done at the moment of delivery, users must promptly report the problem to the rental company. Depending on availability, the rental company may deliver a substituting vehicle which could be not necessarily the same model. In this case additional costs will be charged, i.e. EUR 20.00 up to 15 km far and + 1,00 Euro for each additional Km (the starting reference is the station of Bari; the route is calculated on google maps).

- The signing of the rental agreement implies the knowledge and acceptance of all the rules, tariffs and conditions concerning the pick-up service and the delivery.

- Having red the terms and conditions of this letter and in accordance with Article 1341 of the Civil Code, I hereby accept the paragraphs of said terms and conditions.

3) Biketours

For bike tours the customers are always responsible for himself. The bike tour guided or self-guided could be provided also without insurance, so in case of damage or injury resulting from use of the vehicle is only under the driver's responsibility. Users are therefore responsible for every damage caused during the ride: damage to himself, to others, to other property and to the bicycle. In this case the company PUGLIA IN MOVIMENTO srl or the tutor accompanying cannot be charged of any damage compensation.


In case of misunderstanding of the present rental conditions, the Italian version will prevail on the one in English language.

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