Bike routes in Puglia

We sell verified routes for cycling in Puglia, riding safe and sure to see the best landscapes of Puglia and Basilicata region. We create the routes passing through all the things to see, also in the countryside, so we are sure you will live an autenthic experience, only places that you can reach with local people, so not available for all the tourists. We need just to know where do you prefer to go. We can prepare also a bespoke tour. You can buy our gpx tracks or rent the gps device with your tracks already installed so you will just to think to ride free. And for a very complete service ask us how to rent a customized roadbook with all the details of the places that you will see, what things to eat in that area or where are the closest bike technician.

Here below some example of routes, distances and altimetric profile. All our tracks start and arrive in the old center or in our standard hotel based in the center of the towns/cities. On request we can modify the tracks to reach your accomodations.

You can use our own tracks by your phone with an APP or renting our GPS Garmin device. This last solution is the best because sometimes you have no phone area in the countryside, or maybe you need internet credits and the battery of our device has 15 hours of live per charge meanwhile usually the phone battery used for navigation consume a lot of energy within few hours.

Here below we show you some preview of routes with altimetric profile, the rests are only the indication from/to to offer you an idea of the hypothetical routes. Send us an enquiry to have more details.

Bari - Alberobello

(passing through Capurso, Rutigliano, Conversano, Putignano, Barsento) 64 kms

Bari - Alberobello profilo altimetrico

Bari - Trani

(passing through Giovinazzo, Molfetta, Ruvo di Puglia, Dolmen La Chianca) 65 kms

Bari - Trani profilo altimetrico

Bari - Monopoli

(passing through Capurso, Rutigliano, Conversano, S. Vito, Polignano) 68 kms

Bari - Monopoli profilo altimetrico

Matera - Bari

Alberobello - Monopoli

Monopoli - Ostuni

Ostuni - Lecce

Lecce - Otranto

Otranto - Leuca

Leuca - Gallipoli

Gallipoli - Avetrana

Gallipoli - Lecce

Avetrana - Alberobello

Alberobello - Matera

Altamura - Matera

Trani - Altamura

and many many others

We have also different loop ride to reach other towns not listed here and consider that we can provide the inverted routes (verified). Sometimes it could happends that the roads has changed their direction, if you rented our Garmin Edge Touring device you can find different direction by your self using the directions tool or you can call us, we help always our customers.

You can also ask for the luggage transfer service and your holiday will be like a complete self guided tour.

For any enquiries click on the link contact webpage.


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