What to see in Puglia

Here you can see many places to visit in Puglia, area South-East, from Bari to the Salento peninsula. You can use a bike and follow our guide designed from place-to-place, you have a timing type also.

See on a webmap (google maps or bing maps) all towns and set your self-guide of Puglia. We advise to consult the website for bike streets www.pisteciclabili.com and if you don't find what you want you can set your trails by "google street view".
Attention, there are many dangerous streets, are not good for bike, for example Bari-Brindisi-Lecce SS 16, Bari-Taranto SS100, Brindisi-Taranto SS7 (prefer parallel streets). If you use Google maps select trails by feet, probably are ok for bike also. In Puglia we have many campaign's streets like bike trails.




SUD-EAST BARI AREA (timing 2/4 days)


visit Bari (Svevo castel, museum, center city)

starting from train station by ferrovie sud-est company www.fseonline.it direction to Conversano (Ba)


visit Conversano (castel/museum, center city)

visit/sea S. Vito (Ancient churc on the sea in Polignano a mare's area far 3 km before arrive to town, nice, rocky beach)

visit/sea Polignano a mare (center city on the sea, beautiful, rocky beach)

visit/sea Monopoli (center city, different beachs all in the center city, sandy beach)

guided visit to Egnathia's archaeological excavations (coast between Fasano and Monopoli, ancient city before Romans people, exists a museum also. You can see the original way and flagstone that connected Brindisi to Rome "Traiana's Way").

guided hiking in Castellana Grotte (deep caves full of wonderful and giant stalactites and stalagmites)


VALLE D'ITRIA AREA (timing 5/7 days)


  visit Alberobello (center city very beautiful, UNESCO)

  • trekking on Pirro's Canal, 5km on old water way. Only for feet or bike. Beautiful way totally inside in the nature (this way is between Coreggia's Area and Selva di Fasano, you can have a guide from Putignano/Noci, Barsento's Church + butterfly watching lab, ever in english language)

  • visit Locorotondo (center city very nice, this town is perfectly round, for to see you will go from Locorotondo to Martina Franca and see back. The meaning of Locorotondo is "loco" = place/city + "rotondo" = round)

  • visit Martina Franca (very nice, the most famous city for Barocco style in Valle d'Itria)

  • visit Cisternino (very nice, a city with many balconies landscapes in Valle d'Itria, check for a tavern/restaurant with popolar music and you will see really people singing and dancing ancient dances)

  • visit/sea Ostuni (center city very nice, the sea's area is far 5 km, sandy beach)

  • trekking/sea Torre Guaceto (natural reserve on the sea, very nice, once you reach the place a shuttle takes people inside the reserve, our advice after taking a bath to walk along the area south to the tower Guaceto, sandy beach)

  • visit Ceglie Messapica (center city, a typical town of Valle d'Itria's area)

  • visit Grottaglie (famous for ancient ceramic artifacts, visit at the museum of the ceramics, center city)

  • visit Oria (castel, center city)

SALENTO AREA (timing 8/12 days)

visit Lecce (center city beautiful)

sea Torre dell'Orso (very nice, sandy beach)

trekking laghi alimini (very nice, lakes of brackish water, with many camping areas)

visit Otranto (very nice, hystoric center on the sea, sandy beach)

visit/thermae Santa Cesarea Terme (turistica area on the sea, prove the thermae)

sea Tricase (turistic area on the sea, sandy/rocky beach)

hiking-sea Castro (turistic area on the sea, guided visit to Zinzulusa sea caves, very nice, rocky beach)

visit/sea Leuca-S. Maria di Leuca (turistic area on the sea, very nice, from Latin "finibus terrae" and the meaning is -the end of the land- because you will see to meet Ionio and Adriatico seas, rocky beach)

sea Torre Vado-Marina di Pesculuse (turistic area on the sea named Maldive of Italy, long and beautiful sandy beaches with crystal and clear sea)

sea Marina di Ugento/Torre S. Giovanni (turistic area on the sea, sandy beach)

visit/sea Gallipoli (hystoric center very nice on the sea, you can visit S. Andrea island also)

hiking/sea Parco naturale di Porto Selvaggio (very nice, natural park on the sea, rocky beach)

sea Porto Cesareo (turistic area on the sea, nice, sandy beach)


We don't told about other little towns of the Salento's Peninsula because all are beautiful for little castles, important hystoric houses, museums so we think you can visit these towns in the evening especially where there are events or parties. In Puglia there are many events for eating (you known we are famous in the world for the good food), traditional music and dances, saints feasts (beautiful and spectacular are the illuminations and fireworks), theater events or cultural, hiking.

For to find your events in Salento area we advise to buy the QUIsalento journal (out every two weeks, english version inside), this is the most important guide for events. For all Puglia events you can visit www.taccodibacco.it  english version also. We advise for the evening rent a car and, VERY IMPORTANT, use a GPS Navigator/GPS smartphone and a map because sometimes there not are the indications of the streets (especially in Salento area).

Train/bus: the company "Ferrovie Sud-Est" is with train and bus (you can bring bikes only on the train, search the bike's logo on the website www.fseonline.it).
Connects many towns of the South-East area from Bari to Lecce and the Salento's area. The same line goes into the Valle d'Itria area. Trains are new and confortable, but the most important thing is the landscapes that you can see especially from Putignano to Martina Franca, campaigns are very beautiful.

The transport of the bikes is for free for all Puglia's regional trains (verify before on the website of company).

Some websites for your holiday:

www.viaggiareinpuglia.it (istitutional website of Puglia)
www.piste-ciclabili.com (italian website with many trails ideal for biking)
www.fseonline.it (website of Ferrovie sud-est company)
www.trenitalia.com (website of national company for trains, connects adriatic line from Bari to Lecce, you can bring your bike but you need to book before, verify)
Others companies for South-East's Area from Bari to Lecce: Sita Sud trasporti, Cotrap.


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