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Puglia in Movimento is a bicycle rental shop and tour service focused the safety and satisfaction of bikers. In fact, in addition to professional and electrical bikes, we provide also helmets, maps, locks and bags which will allow you to make a safe tour on bike, riding secure without unforeseen difficulties.

"The world can change if we let it change. This change is already happening because part of Puglia is … in movement"

The Romans used to quote “nomina sunt consequentia rerum (names are the consequences of things) so, in accordance with its philosophy of life, Pugliainmovimento reflects the idea of discovering places, natural resources and sightseeing in an ecological and sporty way: bike riding!

Rent a bicycle with a group of friends and revalue the pleasure of riding in close contact with nature, visiting fascinating places like Bari, Alberobello, Polignano a mare, Conversano, smoothly, in a cheap way and respectful of the surrounding: this our travel philosophy.

Thanks to the renewed trains and the railway lines, in Puglia bike tourists will have the possibility to carry their own or rented bicycles on train and reach every location they prefer.

In case you need a cycle tour we have some itineraries suitable for you, by yourself or guided. In addition we can organize itineraries or events for you on request.

Do not forget our Brand new product!!

For all those who rent bikes and usually get tired while riding, some models of electric bicycles are availables. Thanks to an efficient electric motor, bike tours around villas in Puglia will be easier and accessible even for aged people and kids.

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